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About Samoris

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Samoris (He/Him) is an Entertainer, Artist and Designer. He creates as a musician, actor, visual artist and clothing designer. Samoris, a soldiers son, has spent most of his life chasing the security of his family. From the very beginning of his life his parents were making moves to grind and build a secure future for their unit; which means that they were literally moving from state to state to get the rank and network required for that goal. From nature and nurture Samoris was raised to be a go getter/ hustler. “You gotta work twice as hard to get half as much” echoed through the years of the lessons imparted by his parents. SO HE WORKS HIS ASS OFF!! Through the years of his life there has always been a call to action; Do Something! So he did as much as he felt blessed to be able to do. His biggest venture is in his music. “Music is the tool that incorporates and introduces all that I do. I am a musician and I use as many mediums as I can to bring people into my bounce”

This site will premiere all of that “Bounce”. I hope that you enjoy and if you have any further questions reach out to us. He wants to connect as often as possible.

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These are the people constantly working behind the scenes  to make sure that the company Samoris reaches it's highest heights. Samoris would be nowhere without the measureless efforts Lynette and Aaron.

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Xactli  is a duo that culminated in the DMV. In a search to better their craft most two young musicians came from across the country to the DMV area thanks to Howard University. Our founding members, Devin Robinson and Samoris met in the halls of Howard’s School of Music. While working together to promote their talents as recording artist, they decided that it would best suit their performances to come together and combine their efforts. With that in mind they set out to gather a team of producers and engineers to best express their sound.. This is when the story gets good. We are a hip hop, r&b, Jazz, funk, rock’n Roll, folk music band. We play what we love so that we love what we play. Listen in and enjoy the experience

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Meet the Glos

The Glos is a collection of artist that met through Frostburg State University in the Appalachian Mountains. The members of The Glos are Samoris, Barmelo, Eric Barry, Six the DJ, Tev and  Devin Robinson. Each of them play several roles in the conglomerate known as The Glos. To break down each role would take to much space because each of them is an individual business that plays a role in each others opportunity for success. Each member of The Glos is equally important to the success of one another in the roles that we have assigned individually for each of us. If that’s sounds confusing then good, we don’t want you to know how we’re doing it. We just want you to know what we’re doing and that you can do it too. If that didn’t sound confusing then you might just be a missing member of the Glo Corps.

Meet the Glo Team

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